Day Trip to Rabat

Day Trip to Rabat from Casablanca

Price 150 €
Price 150 €
1 day
  • During this day trip to Rabat we will explore the royal capital of Morocco Rabat and the Third big imperial cities.

    Once in Rabat we will go along with the historical monuments and the most renowned places in the city. Such as Hassan tour, Mausoleum of Mohammed V, Kasbah Chellah, Oudayas Kasbah
  • Private Day Tour to Rabat from Casablanca

    During this Private Day Trip to Rabat from casablanca either through the high way or through the coastal road.

    Once in Rabat we will start the visit from the royal palace (outside visit), then we will visit Hssan tower with a views over the Atlantic Ocean and the ancient medina.

    On the opposite side, of the Mosque you will find the Mausoleum of Mohammed V, the Mausoleum includes the tombs of last three Kings; Mohammed V and his two sons.

    The mausoleum is a unique architecture made by professional Moroccan artisans, with its typical green dome and the ornate doors are just representing the oriental modern architecture.

    After that we will continue to visit the Kasbah Oudaya or the old Kasbah of Moresque, who came lately from Spain and Portugal after the Andalusia lost.

    Stop for lunch in a local restaurant, then continue to visit the mirinid’s old Kasbah chellah, very impressive and interesting Kasbah and the tombs of the royal mirinid family.

    After, will finish our rabat day trip from casablanca by going through the nouvelle ville and drive back to Casabanca.

    “End of the Private Day Trip to Rabat from casablanca”.